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Greeting from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Japanese Respiratory Society

Welcome to the Japanese Respiratory Society (JRS). In April 2018, I was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JRS, an organization that began in 1961 as the Japan Society for Diseases of the Chest, before acquiring its current name in 1997. Over its 57 year history, JRS has made significant contributions to the development of this field, and has grown to more than 12,200 members. JRS is Japan's leading organization in research, education, and treatment for respiratory diseases.

The mission of JRS is to contribute to the promotion of respiratory health and welfare by engaging innovative science, culture, education, and clinical research in the field of respiratory health and diseases. Our vision is to work toward a world without lung diseases, and where lung diseases are cured.

We have several goals:

  1. Promotion of innovative science that is original, advanced, and ethically justified.
  2. Collaborative research with government, industry, and other academic associations.
  3. To provide broad-ranging educational services involving members of society, healthcare professionals, patients, and their supporters.
  4. To foster young physicians and researchers of the next generation who can communicate beyond the barrier of specialties or languages.
  5. To provide safe and high-quality respiratory treatment and care that involves patient-centered and team-based care by various fields of healthcare professionals.
  6. To promote further internationalization of basic, clinical and translational researchers with international academic societies.

As the new Chairman, I hope to expand and accelerate the various reforms and innovations instigated by my predecessors in order to create an "open and vibrant JRS". I also intend to move forward with various academic activities that will allow us to fulfill our responsibility from the perspective of making a social contribution.

Thank you kindly for your interest in JRS.

Yoshinori Hasegawa, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine, Chairman of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University

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