The 59th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Respiratory Society


Presidential Greeting

Efforts toward Epoch-making Innovation in Respiratory Medicine
~The Formation of the Human Chain Network~

 The advancement of medicine and healthcare cannot be achieved overnight. This applies to medicine in Japan and across the world, as well as to individual doctors. The next Annual Meeting, themed on "Efforts toward Epoch-making Innovation in Respiratory Medicine," has three keywords starting with the letter C, namely "Communication, Cooperation and Creativity." We must use "communication" with others to verify what we have learned and understand from predecessors' achievements and apply the knowledge in "cooperation" with others to exert "creativity." The Annual Meeting is an ideal opportunity to not only explore your individual fields of research but also obtain information on broader respirological areas, thereby allowing you to identify the positioning of your own research in the context of respiratory medicine as a whole. For example, genetic data is a new type of information that has become available through the advancement of molecular biological methodology, and its significance should be defined in the context of clinical pathophysiology. When highly specialized research produces an outcome, we must explore the next step for its application. We wish to work with JRS members in valuing a human chain network and pioneering into the new age of respiratory medicine. One person, however capable the person may be, is powerless in the world of medicine and healthcare. We can only advance forward by connecting with many experts through a human chain network.

 The next Annual Meeting will feature special lectures by experts who have engaged in research persistently to achieve outstanding achievements in their respective fields of expertise, and educational lectures by those who have promoted research for connecting clinical to fundamental medicine. Symposiums are being planned with significant up-to-date themes proposed by our Scientific Assemblies. The Annual Meeting also features invited lectures from ATS, ERS and APSR, English poster discussions as well as English symposiums.
 What is more important, however, is submissions from JRS members. Through this Annual Meeting, we want members to compile and present their research contents for discussions and attend other presentations to gain energy to move forward and feel inspired and stimulated by information you would not have noticed by merely reading research papers.
 The Annual Meeting will be held in April 2019, a memorable and symbolic milestone when Japan transitions into a new Imperial era from the current Heisei. We hope the occasion will inspire the next stage of respiratory medicine, driven by expectations for future leaders in the next generation as our members adopt greater awareness of the importance of utilizing a human chain network.

Koichiro Tatsumi
President, the 59th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society
Professor, Department of Respirology
Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University

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